Feed additive applications: overview and procedure

EFSA has implemented a number of provisional measures – such as all staff being required to work from home – in order to comply with the restrictions in place to control the spread of COVID-19. To ensure business continuity on regulated product applications in these circumstances, EFSA will allow companies and institutions to share documentation with the Authority through their chosen internet-based software. For more information, including contact details, consult the Services for applicants page.


EFSA evaluates the safety and/or efficacy of additives, products or substances used in animal feed before they can be authorised for use in the EU. The European Commission decides whether or not to authorise the feed additive application following EFSA’s evaluation.

The procedure for feed additive applications requires submission of:

  1. An application to the European Commission
  2. A technical dossier to EFSA (electronic format only)
  3. Three reference samples of the feed additive to the European Union Reference Laboratory.

Feed additives application procedure